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for all your
NAVigation equipment
marine elecTRONICS

8 Battery Green Road
Lowestoft, Suffolk,
NR32 1DE
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01502-587696
Fax : 01502-589159
Mobile : 0468-896384


When I decided to create this site it was planned as a one page advert for Navtronics. That first page still exists as the Navtronics information page, file name "text". However, the temptation to add some items of general interest was too great, so a second page with links to other sites was added and labelled "index". More product information was needed, one page led to another, and somewhere along the way this page appeared with the bumble-bee theme. The old index page was re-labelled "interest" and this one became "index" giving visitors three main options, i.e. bee-line to serious Navtronics business, bumble around for fun, or buzz-off somewhere else!
Finally I thought that potential customers might like a more conventional and obvious index, so I made one, but kept this page as a lighthearted "forward" that can be bypassed and ignored in future if you wish.
That made ten pages in all which could be roughly divided into three categories. The first three pages, "index", "forward" and "links" are "navigation aids" to help you around this site and on to others. The serious Navtronics section comprises four pages labelled "text", "products", "G.P.S." and "torches". The other three are purely for R & R and are called "interest", "photo" and "fun". I expect that more will be added in the future and hope that you find some of it either useful or entertaining,
but don't expect too much, e.g. see this example entry from our guestbook regarding our "Just For Fun" page !
Record 20
Name: Mr I.N, Tresting
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-05-14 20:34:26
Comments: Fun Page? Undoubtably the most boring thing I have had the misfortune to experience. I think I will go and watch some paint dry for a couple of hours, it's bound to be more interesting than this. By the way, who is the least bit interested in "Sceptic Tank" sport results? I think you should get out more often, ask your mum to take you to feed the ducks at your local park.

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