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Please note that some of the comments on this page are aimed at specific people,
so if they don't make much sense to you, don't worry about it !
QUESTION No.1: Where does an elephant sit at a tea-party?
(Answer at bottom of this page.)

QUOTE from that famous Kentish comedian and friend from long ago, Graham "Olly" Holbrook, :
"Only you would think of promoting Solar Powered Torches (*), but it doesn't beat my idea of inflatable dart-boards !"

(*) Available by mail-order, see torches )

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I was so impressed with the "constructive criticism" offered by Mr.I.N.Tresting that I have copied it onto our "Forward" page. It has not been possible to thank him personally as I believe that Mr.Tresting is using a pseudonym, so I have left a reply for him in our guestbook. It is a pity he is too shy to reveal his true identity but I suspect he is an old friend from "RSGL" (NO MORE BIG BARRA-BOOM, PLEEEEEEEASE!)

QUESTION No.2: Why did the hedgehog cross the road ?
(Answer at bottom of "Forward" page.)

For all Canaries or Magpies fans, and other bird lovers, please note that the top result in the sports column to the left is always the "Orioles".

For some U.K. sports information (especially "soccer") click on the SPORTS title top left.

Like playing silly games? - Try downloading this to disk : BOXWORLD

DEFINITION OF A SELFISH BASTARD : Anyone who doesn't always do exactly what I want them to !

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ANSWER TO QUESTION No.1 : Anywhere he chooses!

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