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ROB "Pete" GARRATT - lead guitarist for Sister Ray - all I can say is "that boy can play!"

WILL "Mick" HORWOOD - a versatile chap - lead singer, second guitar and some keyboard work for Sister Ray, also appears solo for a couple of piano/vocal numbers. All he needs to be truly famous is Jagger's lips.

MATTHEW "John Paul" JONES - plays base guitar for Sister Ray but also shows what he can do as lead guitar with "The Trio ".

ALEX "Charlie" RICHARDS - who would believe that somebody with no formal training could make so much noise on the drums ?   But seriously folks, this guy could teach Ringo a thing or two.

DAVID JONES - "The Trio's" god-like bass player, sometimes followed by his own gaggle of groupie wenches, but not this time!
(We should be so lucky as to have somebody scream at this gig?)

WILLIAM JONES - Following in Charlie's footsteps, hammers away at the drums for "The Trio".

JUSTINE de MIERRE - returns to the scene of her crimes from some years ago !

DAVE - another Garratt who likes to strum and sing.

MIKE - the Old Man of the evening says "Please help me, somebody! As a joke (honest) I quoted The Magic Roundabout as a musical influence. A very good friend (Hi, Jim) said he would come to the show as long as I played it. Did the Magic Roundabout have a theme tune? - and if so can anybody send me a copy to learn ?"

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